To know more about my art or to arrange a visit to my home studio, just fill out the form below. I am always up for a coffee and conversation.

Contact form


Do you accept commissions?

Yes, I do. But remember, because my source material is dictated by the posters I find, it is difficult to create to specific requests.

Can I visit your studio?

Of course! My home studio is located in downtown Ottawa. Just send me an email and we can arrange this.

Can I try out a piece first?

Depends where you are! If you are in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, this can certainly be done. Please contact me to arrange this.

Can I make you an offer?

I am an artist, of course you can make me an offer. Give it your best shot!

What are your favourite pieces?

Fun question! Here are my top three.
1. Her
2. Bird 2
3. Franz