"Collage, at its core, merges diverse expressions to create something fresh and innovative. Imagine if we all could embrace this concept?"

My Story

It all starts in the East End.

My childhood was colored by adventures in the railyards and docklands of Toronto on my banana-seat bicycle. Those expeditions, passing by massive logos on boxcars, discarded waybills, signage, and the weathered hulls of lakers, set a direction for creative my life.

As my creativity led me to a career in design and advertising, I always felt a connection back to those early adventures. The power of a sans-serif typeface was influenced by the logos on the boxcars. My innate attraction to the worn and torn grew with every stoop to pick up trackside fragments of paper.

Today, I live in Ottawa but can often be found in Montreal and Toronto. Reflecting on it, the process remains the same as those days on the banana-seat. I am still exploring among letterforms and pieces of paper.


Artist CV


  • Art on Paper, New York, September 2022
  • Affordable Art Fair, London, October 2022
  • Affordable Art Fair, Singapore, October 2022
  • Vibrance, Twist Gallery, Toronto, October 2022
  • Concept, RAW, Ottawa, May 2023


  • Arteria Gallery, Bromont, 2022-24